Our Story

When I first got into guitars, I was just a teenager attracted to the tones of guitars then I started to learn how to play. I realized however that when I wanted to buy a new guitar, I found that it was very hard to find a good quality guitar at a reasonable price.

I decided to try and make my very own first guitar when I was studying in college. The NO.1 Hsienmo guitar was very rough in quality from today’s point of view but it was the beginning of my dream.

In 2014, when my first daughter was born, I decided to quit my job and follow my heart: making reasonably priced and good quality guitars for the majority of guitar lovers.

I hope every Hsienmo guitar’s sound can touch the player’s heart. I named my guitar brand after my first daughter’s name just because I love them and I am willing to spend my whole life making them better.

The process of creating a brand was very difficult and I had to learn everything from scratch. That process enriched my understanding of guitar through books, videos, and consulting with masters in guitar factories and luthiers. During this time, I established my first work shop.

Over the past few years, we have continued to improve our guitars through rapid interaction and feedback from the market and customers. Today, I am very confident to say my guitars are getting closer to perfection and the prices are still very affordable.

In 2018, I invested in the establishment of a modern Hsienmo guitar factory. Our workers are veterans in the industry with 15-20 years of experience. Today we are now making guitars for guitar lovers all over the world.

Making reasonably priced and good quality guitars for the majority of guitar lovers.


wHY hsienmo guitars are special

Perfect presentation of quality details and sound performance.

Hsienmo guitar’s crafting skills and appearances are inspired by many famous guitar brands in the world, absorbs the advantages and characteristics of each brand, and combines our own innovation in the manufacturing of guitars. Using modern mechanized methods and traditional handcrafted skills, each guitar maintains the same level of quality detail and sound performance.

2nd Generation NT Neck

2nd Gen. NT neck technology allows you to unload the neck and adjust the neck construction handle angle by yourself. 

Adjustable Neck Handle Angle

Comes with the included neck gasket, helps to lift the neck up. Adjustable handle angle to achieve a comfortable string action for players.

Neck Tail Reinforcement

Unlike the traditional neck, there is a maple block support fingerboard at the end of the 14th fret, which can effectively prevent the fretboard from arching or collapsing.

Floating Fingerboard

After 14 frets, the fingerboard and the top panel are not in direct contact, leaving a gap of 1-2mm. Because the density and hardness shrinkage ratio of the fingerboard and the top wood is different, so leaving a change margin to avoid later deformation.

Comfortable and Simple Adjustable Strings Action

Combined with the 2nd Gen. NT neck technology and the elevated floating fingerboard, String actions are easily set at 6th strings at 12 fret 2.25-2.5 and 1st string at 12 fret 1.75-2.0. Lower string actions can be obtained by simple adjustment.

Precise and Strong Bracing Construction

Using CNC to slot bracing positions on the top and back/sides panel. All braces are glued in-line and glued on three sides,so the position is more precise and not easy to be degummed. Increase the stability of the bracing system to make the sound more dynamic.

Hollow Bridge Structure Bracing

Using the arch bridge structure to reduce the weight of the sound braces, the elasticity of the bracing system is maintained and the weight is reduced, the vibration is more sufficient, the sound is more transparent, and the low frequency dive is more sufficient. Applying on GAC and MJC body only.

Carbon Fiber Rods Reinforcement

Two 4*7mm carbon fiber rods are built into the diameter of each regular Hsienmo guitars to strengthen the strength of the neck, resist the tension of the strings, and maintain the  stability of the neck. The whole carbon fiber filled neck only using on “Shiyi” model.

Double Solid Tops and Sandwich Bracing

Double solid tops and sandwich bracing are using on “Shiyi”. All braces are not in direct contact, ensuring full vibration of the top panel. This is the pinnacle flagship model of Hsienmo guitars technology application.

UV Ultra-thin Body Finishing and Skins Feeling Satin Neck Finishing

UV Ultra-thin finishing manufacturing skills, two factories can apply well in China only. Hsienmo guitar is the one.