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Every single players is an unique artist for Hsienmo Guitars. Players use our guitars to express their emotions and musical language, and we do our best to provide each player an ideal guitar. Welcome to join us and sharing Hsienmo Guitars, let more people feel our sincerity.

Featured Artist

Mitch Bollig

Mitch Bollig is a worship leader, guitarist and creative arts director. Our first Hsienmo guitar owner in oversea region. This is a destiny to have deep connection between him and Hsienmo guitars.

Darren Kau

Darren is a fingerstyle guitarist, audio engineer, composer and musician, has professional background in music performance from the University of Malaya. In 2020, he discovered Hsienmo Guitar from many Chinese guitar brands, fell in love with this brand deeply, and became the first cooperative artist of Hsienmo Guitar in the overseas region.

Featured Artist

Gianluca Dotti

Gianluca is from Italy, a fingerstyle guitar player, a big fan of  Hsienmo 38′ LingLong guitars. He owns five 38′ LingLong guitars right now, he told us Hsienmo LingLong guitar is the guitar he had been looking for years. He helps more acoustic guitar enthusiasts to know this brand in Italian community.

Featured Artist

Mladen Frankie

Guitarist, Musician and Singer from Croatia. Hsienmo guitar become his tursted gear during his events.

Featured Artist

Oz Marshall

Guitarist, Musician and YouTuber from the UK. Oz is a big follower of Shijie guitars. He found Hsienmo guitars has same special characteristic with Shijie, like details quality, amazing sounds, wonderful playability and affordable prices. He was amazed by his first Hsienm MJC model and did a very detail review video immidately for sharing with his subscribers. 

Featured Artist

Mat Cowan

Mat is a worshiper and media pastor from South Haven Baptist Church. He got his first Hsienmo guitar is 38′ Linglong at Wolfe Guitars, then he fall love with this little bird. He wrote to our US distributor and said “I can’t believe the sounds I’m getting out of such a small bodied guitar. Nice bass response without being too boomy, sparkling highs, and tight punchy mids.” A new LC&Friends will make sounds to praise the Lord by Hsienmo guitar.